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                    Drain Cleaning

We have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to fix any drain problem, anywhere inside or outside your home, all the way to your septic system or city sewer connection.
Our  Complete Drain and Sewer Cleaning Service includes:
  • Bathroom sink and tub drains
  • Clogged toilets
  • Kitchen sink drains
  • Garbage disposals
  • Slow drains/standing water
  • Main sewer line cleaning
  • Broken or frozen pipes or drains
  • Repair or reconstruction                                  And if Needed we can camera the line for unseen issues !  

                   jesse cleaning a main sewer line                                                
Do you have a slow or clogged drain in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room?  Are you constantly dealing with drain problems?
It is a simple fact that most plumbers don’t clean drains and most drain cleaners don’t do plumbing.
But now, with us, your search for the right plumber just became a lot easier, because we do both drain cleaning and plumbing.
Did you know that it is important to have your drain and sewer lines inspected every year to make sure they are ready when you need them?

                                                                    roots removed from sewer line

 TREE ROOTS: we specialize in tree root removal. Roots are attracted to water,this is the main reason they creep into drain lines. Roots get in through the   joints of your sewer & Drain lines where they are able to grow, eventually causing sewage & debris to back up, Untreated the roots can completely fill    your Sewer &  drain lines with hair-like masses that block sewage from getting to the septic tank or city sewer. Blockages will cause slow running drains, sewage  backups in your home & eventually they can break the line, which can lead to expensive repairs & replacement. I use blades to cut through the   roots that  are currently in  the line.
Once you have a tree root problem, I strongly recommend setting up a preventative maintenance schedule to continually remove the growing
tree roots from your drain line & causing additional backups or have us replace the Damaged section or entire Line.

 MAINLINE CLEANING: The main line drain is the main drainage system of  your home or business. It is also the one drain most home owners tend to   take for granted, that is until there is a sewer back up. I will Machine clean the main line out to the city sewer or the home's septic system. I cut out tree  roots, grease  build up, & even foreign objects. If you have a clogged main line, all your drain lines can be affected. This can cause a lot of stress, & may also pose  health  issues, or even property damage if not taken care of right away. I am a drain and sewer cleaning expert in clearing main lines and blockages in any type of  home or business.
Contact me today to have your main line cleaned

 KITCHEN SINK LINE: Kitchen sink drain lines are smaller lines that tie into the main line. Longer kitchen sink lines could have dips or sags in the line that allow grease, soap and food particles to gather.

 GARBAGE DISPOSALS: Garbage disposal clogs are usually caused by too much food or matter being dumped or processed through the line at one time.   Not  running water before dumping food in or long enough after will cause issues. Garbage disposals are intended to dispose of food that are of small softer consistency with no meat. It is best to dispose of larger food objects in the trash to ensure you don't have a garbage disposal clog.
But, if you do have a backed  up garbage disposal I will assist you with your garbage disposal problem

 CLOGGED BATHROOM SINK: Bathroom sinks are small lines that run to the main line. The usual issues that cause bathroom sinks clogs are: soap
 buildup, grease, and hair. I have even pulled larger foreign objects like toothbrushes,toothpaste caps, rags and razor blades from clogged bathroom sink lines. If you have a slow bathroom sink, contact us today.

 CLOGGED BATHTUB: A Smaller drain line that ties into the main line. Soap, grease and hair are most often the culprits for bathtub clogs.
 For service or set up an appointment to clear your clogged bathtub drain. Call us now.

 CLOGGED SHOWER DRAINS: Showers have 2” drain lines that run to the main line. Hair, soap and grease, are often the causes of slow shower    drains.

 CLOGGED TOILETS: Sounds funny, but I have pulled out of clogged toilets things one wouldn’t even imagine like, cell phones, makeup, underwear,
 perfume  bottles, toothbrushes, dentures, wedding rings even plastic coat   hangers. Most everyone knows what shouldn’t be put down these lines.   But, just some reminders are; paper towels, dental floss, q-tips, feminine products, baby wipes and Swiffer rags should never be flushed .

 SLOW DRAINS: Slow running drains can be an indicator that there is a belly or dip causing a partial blockage or vent issue in your line. Buildups of hair,  grease or foreign objects. A slow drain can be an indicator that a backup could occur in the near future. Our drain cleaners can clean slow drains by using our sewer cleaning equipment. Contact me today for fast immediate service.
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