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When your sewer line gives up the ghost, you Don't always have to replace the entire line. Sometimes they can be spot repaired.

Sewer lines can get broken in many ways, Cars and Trucks that happen to be above the sewer line driving over it or perhaps under it's parking spot can cause the ground to compress and push the pipe down, causing cracks, or complete breakage, a root that grows and finds a spot not glued at a joint or the root push's it up or down until it cracks and breaks.

In either case, the line will need to be dug up and repaired as your sewer line is supposed to be a closed system from your home to the city or your septic tank.
A crack or break will leech sewage into your yard and can take months somtimes before you notice any issues or you start to smell sewage from somewhere.

At Jenuwyn Sewer & Drain We will diagnose the problem and give you a solution.        

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