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When your kitchen sink is clogged and not draining Give us a call and our technician will promptly get there and clean your line and you will be back to normal quickly. Alot of time you may notice that when your washer drains, you may hear your kitchen sink gurgle or even water coming into your sink when the washer drains. Alot of washing machine drains are tied in with your kitchen sink. A good drain cleaning will take care of that for you unless there may be a more serious issue
going on.

You would not believe how nasty a drain line can be, but years of small food particles, oils and grease will build up and can turn a normal 2" inch drain line into a 1/2" half inch drain, especially in older homes.

If your having a problem with a clogged or slow drain Give us a call 980-335-6403

        Main Line Drain Clog                  

            main line clog,sewer line backup                            Kitchen sink clog,tub clog,sewer backup

                             Toilet Back Up

                                      toilet clog,toilet wont stop running             

                                                                   Sink Drain

                                     bath sink drain cleaner, drains slow          

                                                                                   Tub Drain

                                                                              tub drain cleaner,tub drains slow
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