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Is your Garbage Disposal leaking under your kitchen sink ?  

Does your Garbage Disposal or mount connection under your kitchen sink Look like this -  
                                                                                                                                            crack in garbage disposal leaking

                                                                                                                                             If you dont feel comfortable trying this
                                                                                                                                             task yourself, Give us a call and we'll
                                                                                                                                             be right there to get you going again
                                                                                                                                             in no time.

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step10:turn the garbage disposal upside down and
            remove the electrical cover plate, pull out the
            black and white wires, also dont forget to take
            out the knockout plug you just tapped out.

            Feed your wire through the romex
            connector (putting a slight bend in the wire first
            will make it easier, so you can come out the
            the larger cover area that you have the black
            and white wire pulled out at. When you have
            the wires lined up with the wires
            on the disposal, tighten the romex
            connector screws. Attach your ground
            wire(either green or bare copper wire)to the
            green screw inside the garbage disposal. Wire
            nut the 2 black wires together, then
            wire nut the 2 white wires together.
            Put the electrical cover back on and secure
            with the phillips screw.
            Leaving the garbage disposal sitting, you can
            now test the power by turning the garbage
            disposal switch on for just a second and
            back off.

step11:Slip the new gasket into the garbage disposal
            outlet, slip the new retaining plate onto your
            old pipe and re-attach it to the garbage
            disposal with the 2 new screws provided.

step12:Now raise the garbage disposal up to the mount,
           slide the locking ring tab lever into the grooves
           while holding up tightly and turn the locking tab
           to the right until it feels snug. At this point you
           can use the small unstick tool that comes with a
           new garbage disposal-garbage disposal tool , Line up the
           garbage disposal outlet drain pipe fairly close to
           where it was originally. Put the unsick tool into
           one of the holes on the lock ring and your phillips
           screwdriver into a hole on the other side and
           finish snugging up the lock ring to the mount.

step13:Take your dishwasher drain line and re-install to
            the garbage disposal. tighten the stainless steel
            hose clamp.

Final step:Re-hook up the p-trap assembly. Run some water
               and check for leaks.

You just installed
your Garbage disposal


Do It your self Garbage Disposal Replacement

1'st off you need to consider; Do I have the nessasary tools to complete this job ?
Am I handy enough to complete this job ?

At minimum you will need to have these tools:

1: a phillips screwdriver
2: a flat head screwdriver
3: channel lock plyers
4: a hammer
5: you'll also need some plumbers putty
   when your ready to install the new disposal

step 1: Make sure you have the electrical switch you
            use to turn on the garbage disposal turned
step 2: Disconnect the p-trap-

step3: Disconnect the dishwasher drain lines -
disposal drain connection
         where they hook up to the disposal

step4:Holding the disposal, turn the locking ring
         counter clockwise, but be ready for it to drop
         apart from the top section thats connected to
         the sink.

step5:Unscrew the disposal outlet drain line and set it
         to the side as you'll re-install that on the
         new disposal

step6:Turn the disposal up-side down and unscrew
         the electrical cover plate, pull out the
         white and black wires, unscrew the ground
         wire from the green retaining screw, if your
         disposal has a romex connector                              
        unscrew the 2 screws enough to
         loosen it's grip on the wire. Now unscrew the
         wire nuts from the black and white wires,
         seperate the from each other and pull the
         wires out through the hole;, Note: if you loosen
         the romex connector screws enough, you can
         unscrew the romex connector leaving the wire
         in it. you will want to re-use the romex
         connector on the new disposal.

step7:Loosen the 3 retaining screws in the bottom of
         the mounting lock to loosen, take a flat head
         screwdriver and pop off the ring lock clip. You
         can now pull the old mount out from the sink

step8:Now your ready to begin the new installation:

         Take the screwdriver and dig out enough
         plumbers putty to make a round tube of putty
         about 1/4" thick and long enough to go all the
         way around the lip underside of the sink

         with the putty on the mount, install the mount
         in the sink basin and push down firmly, the next
         step is alot easier if you have a helper.
         Have a helper hold the mount down from the
         top while you put on the paper and rubber
         gasket, then the upper mounting ring, lower
         mounting ring, then snap the metal
         retaining ring in it's groove. Tighten the screws
         evenly until the disposal mount is tight and
         most of the plumbers putty has squeezed up
         inside the sink. Clean off the excess plumbers putty

step9:Take the new garbage disposal and a flathead
         screwdriver and insert it into the dishwasher
         drain hole, Now take the hammer and tap out
         the plastic plug inside the new garbage disposal.

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