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Hydro-jet cleaning is a way of cleaning with high pressure water to remove build up and debris in sewer and Storm Drains.

It's best described as a powerful form of power washing .water jetters, are pressure washers with very high pressure from 1,500 PSI to 60,000 PSI .

Parts include at least one water tank, an engine,  pump, a hose reel and hose, a high pressure hose and several nozzles. Generally delivering ultra-high pressure. This range of pressures are designed for unique applications like pipe cleaning, water jetting,  precision cutting, and surface preparation. Uses are found in many industries .They can be built with electric, gas, or diesel engines with cold or hot water options depending on the application requirements.

Jetters used for heavy duty municipal sewer cleaning on the other hand, have a flow rate of up to 120 gallons per minute. The bigger the pipe, the bigger the hydro jet cleaning hose has to be for efficient cleaning.

Sewer pipes are often cleaned while the hose is propelled down the pipe. Then the jet hose is withdrawn slowly, the flow and water pressure cleans the line more efficiently.

Who Uses Hydro Jetters?

Jetters are used by drain cleaning companies and plumbers to service homes and commercial establishments. Facility companies often purchase these units for cleaning and maintenance, and they are also more effective in the long run. Clogged drains cause a lot of problems in homes, and the same can be said for business's as blockages lead to disruptions and work flow.

Flow and Pressure

Water is a much more powerful and reliable cleaning tool than any chemical. When there is high pressure you can clean debris and obstruction on pipes, and can use the flow or volume to get rid of debris stuck on the pipe downstream.

High pressure is applied on the sides of the pipe using a jetting hose capped with a nozzle. The nozzle limits the water flowing in the hose and allows it to go through via small openings at the sides, back or front of the nozzle. These hoses come in varying sizes with some as large as one inch and others only ΒΌ in diameter.

The Pump                                                                                       

The pump is the center of any hydro jet drain cleaning equipment, as it transmits it down the hose, and the flow and pressure are configured beforehand.  
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